1.  EQUITY MEMBER (“Shareholder”)

MPRA BoundariesThe pool is owned by Merrimack Park Recreation Association (MPRA), a 300-family, shareholder owned cooperative club. For those who wish to purchase membership, we maintain a wait list. Priority is given to residents who live in or near the immediate neighborhood around the pool. Note: This is the area bounded by Goldsboro Road (S), MacArthur Boulevard (W), Wilson Road (N), and River Road (E). Equity Members enjoy guaranteed membership from year to year with the option to be ‘inactive’ for a season, lower season dues with fees capped at four family members, children may join the Merrimack Swim & Dive Teams, first-option for Mini Maniacs enrollment, and voting rights on major decisions affecting the pool.

To become an Equity Member, please join our Equity Member Wait List. There is a $50 non-refundable fee to join the wait list. Equity Members pay $1,900 to purchase the membership in addition to annual season dues. Dues for 2018 will be $325 for the first member and $80 for each additional family member swimmer or caregiver. Our “family membership” (for a maximum of four) means that you will not pay more than $565 for your immediate family to enjoy the pool. New Equity Members may pay the membership fee in one installment of $1,900 or three installments of $700 for three consecutive seasons.

For more Equity Membership information and to join the Equity Membership Wait List, click here.

MPRA HAS TWO CATEGORIES OF NON-MEMBER SWIM PRIVILEGES: Full Summer Affiliate and Late Summer Affiliate. These are non-shareholder swim privileges offered on an annual basis and each category has limits to avoid overcrowding at the pool.


Full Summer Affiliates enjoy swim privileges at Merrimack throughout the entire swim season and children may join the Merrimack Swim & Dive Teams.

A non-refundable $50 fee is due upon joining the wait list. If swim privileges are offered, but not accepted, the wait list position is forfeited. The fee for Full Summer Affiliates in 2018 is $450 for the first adult member and $150 for each additional swimmer in the family (including babysitters or nannies). Children under the age of 2 are free.

Offers are sent via email by April to Full Summer Affiliates of the previous year in good standing. If Full Summer Affiliates do not register by the deadline, then offers are sent by the end of April to those on the Full Summer Affiliate wait list. We typically have only 30 openings each season and the current wait list is likely to take several seasons to clear new applicants.

Joining the wait list does not guarantee swim privileges to Merrimack Pool in subsequent seasons. Applicants who join the Equity Member wait list AND who live within the boundaries outlined in our by-laws (the area bounded by Wilson Lane, River Road, Goldsboro Road, and MacArthur Boulevard) may be given Full Summer Affiliate priority in any year. Apply to the Full Summer Affiliate Wait List.


Late Summer Affiliates enjoy use of the pool from Monday, July 16 until the close of the season, Sunday, September 16. Late Summer Affiliates are NOT eligible to join the Merrimack Swim & Dive Teams. Those who did not receive swim privileges on the Full Summer Affiliate wait list are offered Late Summer Affiliate swim privileges if slots are available.

A non-refundable $50 fee is due upon joining the wait list. If swim privileges are offered, but not accepted, the wait list position is forfeited. The 2018 fee for Late Summer Affiliates is $315 for the first adult member in a household and $85 for each additional member (including babysitters and nannies). Apply to the Late Summer Affiliate Wait List.



Guests passes and are made available so our members can bring occasional guests. Guest passes are not intended to be an alternative form of membership. The member must remain at the pool for the duration of the guest’s visit. A member may not leave a guest alone at the pool at any time. In other words, the guest must leave the pool premises when the member leaves. Guest passes may be purchased online by logging into your pool account. It is best to keep guest pass credits on your account to facilitate pool check-in. Payment for guest passes at the pool must be made by check only, the guards cannot accept cash. Guest pass fees are $5 per guest per day. Guest cards for extended stays are available for $20 per week.


The pool is available on weekday mornings 6:30am-7:30am beginning mid-June through August 24.


Swim & Dive Teams are available to all Equity Members and Full Summer Affiliates between the ages of 6 and 18. Separate fees apply to join each team. For more information on Swim & Dive Teams, click on the Maniacs Swim/Dive Team links at the left.


Season Dues are neither pro-rated nor refundable.