A Message From the Board

The renovation of the bath house snack bar project could not be designed, permitted, and built in time for the 2017 season, so it will begin when the Pool closes in September. The project is somewhat unique in that, if we don’t get started at the right time, we have to push it off nearly a year to avoid jeopardizing the Pool opening (which happened to another local pool).  Here’s an update on where things currently stand:

  • The civil engineers, Macris Hendricks & Glasscock, have completed the Site Plan, which was submitted to the Montgomery County Board of Appeals at the end of May along with an application to modify the Pool’s Special Exception (basically a zoning exemption that allows a pool to be in a residential neighborhood). The Board of Appeals application has been filed and the hearing is June 7. The Site Plan, shows the location of the new snack bar and gate house.
  • Our architect, John Katinas, prepared the Project Overview showing the “elevations” (side views) of the buildings and retaining wall around the dining pavilion. He also provided an overhead Plan View of the patio area and snack bar.
  • Simultaneously with the submission of the application to the Board of Appeals, John will prepare the construction drawings that will be used to obtain building permits and to put the project out to bid. See the Project Schedule, showing the milestone dates for drawings, permitting, bidding, etc. We have identified several construction companies that are interested in the project, but if our members have suggestions, please let us know.
  • In addition to the design, construction, and permitting, several important tasks lie ahead, and we will need the help of our members to get these done:

o   The snack bar will be a commercial food service facility that must meet Montgomery County Health Department requirements. As we finalize the design of the snack bar, we could use the help of anyone who has experience with commercial food service and/or kitchen design to assist with layout, appliance selection, etc., as well as anyone who has worked with the Health Department to get a permit for a commercial kitchen.

o   The snack bar will also need a manager or contractor to run it. If you know of a person or company that might be interested in managing the snack bar, please let us know.

o   Although the Pool has cash reserves, some portion of the construction costs will need to be financed through a bank loan. The Board needs assistance identifying potential lenders (we have some names already) and pulling together the information and documents necessary to support a loan application.

As you can see, lots of work has been done, but much remains to be done. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the renovation project, please let us know. Updates will be provided on this website.


The Merrimack Pool Board