Welcome to the 2017 Season!

Check the Pool Schedule for open times during the season and please note these important reminders:

  • All members and guests must check-in at the Front Desk each time you visit the pool. If you do not have a current photo on your record, the guards will take a picture the first time you visit.each time they visit the pool.
  • Guest pass credits should be purchased online before coming to the pool. The number of Guest Passes you have is shown at the top of the right column in your account. Guests are $5 per person, per day. Login to your pool account, select “Membership Info, Payments” to purchase guest passes sold in sets of five. Credits do not expire so have a supply on your account when you bring guests (this is especially important for families with teenage children!). The guards may only accept checks (NO cash) for purchasing guest passes at the Front Desk. If you do not have credits and your family members bring guests (and they do not have a check or know how to login to your pool account to purchase more on a mobile device), it puts the guard staff in a difficult position and jeopardizes keeping your account in good standing.
  • We ask that you familiarize yourself with the Rules and Regulations put in place for the safety, comfort, and pleasure of all pool members.